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to the begin   Immerse yourself in art and accompany my art styles with the focus of consistency. Ultimately, the main theme unfolds : The relationship! The interPICTURE as an extensive image form to embody the laws of relationship as a staging.
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to the Facebook channelLinkedInYour contact via WhatsAppto my YouTube Channel   The development with the following focal points:  
first paintings   From the creative impulses
to the FoKoDi-Pictures   to experience color and shape
to the Anti-Rectangle Pictures   to the absolute consequence
to the Rectangle Pictures   if the opposite is observed
Organic formats   as well as maintaining the maintenance of the natural form
to the Red-Blue Objects   and repeating the known contrast
to the Small Objects   with openness to material and expression
to the Disease   and appreciating the unpleasant
to the interINTER-Pictures   I land with the merging of the old picture form
to the interPictures   as a newfound treasure, the interPICTUREss.
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