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Beginning with 5 painings in Germany-Frankfurt
sence of this world-culture-project
your image for your country or your town
dimensions of this project
material of this artexpression
the deeper sence for the society
the phenomenon of the inter-pictures
couples of inter-LOVE
search for couples
free combination of countries to paint
promotion of the arts
overview of organization
other ART-PROJECTS from Peter Waury
You find here the big world of ART Waury
flag of Peter Waury
This art project lasts on is independent and experiences the large, far world - also in the love. Everywhere are those inter-PICTUREs it issued its and give impulses.
Only with the conception that it perhaps in approx. It gives to 200 countries of compatriots in love with partners from 200 countries, understands you that for a representative representation this growing together alone in the quantity - 40.000 picture objects to develop might!

The gate into the world of the BETWEEN opens noticeable moments of the silence in the meditation on the love. Time for the merry, the depth, the conflicts, the flexibility, the solutions and our liberty.
We reflect relationship with their “pulling” or the relationship in “stops” from positions and perspectives and may even in the unlimited land.